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HarfangLab is an Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution certified by ANSSI since 2020.

This setup guide will show you how to forward events produced by HarfangLab EDR to SEKOIA.IO.

Theses changes have to be made from your HarfangLab instance web portal (provided by HarfangLab).

HarfangLab EDR logs

Firstable your need to navigate to Personal Settings, and in the Api token get your token or generate a new one.

Then you need to navigate to Administration > Configuration, and switch to the Connectors tab.

In the Syslog connector panel, select the logs you want to export:

  • Process
  • Network
  • Event log
  • Remote thread
  • InjectedThread
  • Security Event

Configure the syslog information with the following details:

  • Host:
  • Port: 10514
  • App name: name of your choice
  • Source host: name of your choice
  • Structured data: [SEKOIA@53288 intake_key="YOUR_INTAKE_KEY"]
  • Protocol: TCP/SSL

In the above field Structured data, please replace YOUR_INTAKE_KEY variable with your intake key generated in SEKOIA.IO.

Finaly select the Protocol option: TCP/SSL, leave the other options to default.

HarfangLab EDR

Enjoy your events

Once the configuration has been done on Sekoia side, you can go to the events page to watch your incoming events.