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Intelligence Center external integrations

Intelligence Center data can be consumed using several third party integrations.


The default feed is available as a MISP feed.

It can be added to an existing MISP instance by following MISP's documentation.

The following field values are required for the feed to work properly:

  • Input Source: Network
  • URL:
  • Source Format: MISP Feed
  • Headers: Authorization: Bearer <APIKEY>
  • Enabled: True

You then need to make sure you have a scheduled task in place to regularly fetch the feed's content.

OpenCTI connector

An OpenCTI connector is available to consumme a feed. All the instruction to run it are available at the connector GitHub repository:

Cortex Analyser

SEKOIA is also providing a Cortex analyzer to enrich data in TheHive ecosystem. To setup the analyzer please follow this guide.

In a nutshell:

  • Get the SEKOIA.IO API Key
  • Install the Analyzer refering to this section of the TheHive documentation
  • Connect into Cortex with orgadmin role
  • Select your organization on the top right corner Cortex Organisation Page
  • Move to Analyser Config and search sekoia Cortex Analyser Config Page
  • Select SEKOIAIntelligenceCenter
  • Provide simple configurations Cortex Analyser Config API Page
  • Enable the Analyzer you would like to use, by clicking on the right side Cortex Analyser Enable Page
  • If wanted, tailor made your Analyzer with additional details Cortex Analyser Enable Context Page

SEKOIA.IO App for Splunk

An App for Splunk is available to detect threats in your logs based on our feed.

You can find the download links and additional information on the dedicated GitHub repository.

SEKOIA.IO App for Splunk