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Forward Logs to SEKOIA.IO via HTTPS

To push your events through our HTTPS log collector, you have to POST your logs in the JSON format. To send us events, you should set Content-Type HTTP header to application/json.

The following fields are currently handled by SEKOIA.IO’S HTTPS log collector:

Field Mandatory? Type Description
intakey_key Yes String Intake to which you would like to push events to
json Yes String The actual log payload. If you want to push structured JSON logs, please send them as quoted JSON here
@timestamp No Datetime Event date if you want to push your own date (fallback is to use the reception’s date)

Push Events to SEKOIA.IO Using Python

To push text events, one can just POST content to

import requests

content = {"intake_key": "YOUR_INTAKE_KEY", "json": "[764008:0] info: A IN"}"", json=content)

To push structured JSON data to SEKOIA.IO, you can push your payload as quoted JSON in the POSTed payload:

import requests
import json

structured_log = {"key": "value"}
content = {"intake_key": "YOUR_INTAKE_KEY", "json": json.dumps(structured_log)}"", json=content)

For numerous events, you can use the alternative endpoint /batch. This endpoint accepts a set of events:

import requests

content = {"intake_key": "YOUR_INTAKE_KEY", "jsons": ["[764008:0] info: A IN", "[764023:0] info: A IN"]}"", json=content)
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