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Intakes - Data Sources Management

Intakes correspond to data sources sent to SEKOIA.IO. They are identified by a name, a log format and an 'intake key', which is used to configure the sending from your information system.

On the intake list, the number of events sent to SEKOIA.IO for the past 7 days and the number of events in error (not integrated) are displayed, as well as the intake key, with a button to copy this value to the clipboard.

To add a new intake, you will have to enter a name for it, choose the entity to which you want to associate the corresponding data and to choose the format of the events.

Intakes Management

All the documentation for integration of your data sources is also available in the integrations page.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if the settings recommendations provided are not sufficient or not applicable to your system. We can then see with you how to transfer your events in the best conditions.

Do neither hesitate to contact us if the format of the logs you want to send us is not in the list, we regularly add new formats, we can tell you when yours will be available.