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To start creating a playbook, a Trigger is needed in order to launch the start of the playbook execution.

Types of Triggers

In the Operations Center, section Playbooks, once you have selected a created playbook, you will be able to filter the Blocks into one of the three categories: Triggers, Operators and Actions. Here we want to filter on Triggers only.

SEKOIA.IO Operations Center Filter on Triggers

The Triggers collects data that will be used by the Operators and Actions to answer a specific need.


The Security alerts trigger allows a user to collect information of an alert, such as the alert_uuid, its date of creation (created_at), its category (alert_type), its urgency or the action that triggered THIS alert notification (event_type) for example "alert-created", "alert-status-changed", "alert-comment-created" etc.


The Alert webhook trigger allows a user to automatically trigger actions once a human has raised and removed a doubt on an alert. This is a Block button, such as the one you will find hereunder, for the example of adding an standardised commentary on the alert commentary section.

SEKOIA.IO Operations Center Webhook Trigger


The Cron trigger allows a user to periodically launch an automatic action, that should be defined and created by a user.

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