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This release focuses on the SIC application with more collaboratives features and resiliency.

Collaborative Applications

A neat example of two applications that collaborate for a better user experience is the relationship between inThreat and SIC applications. We increased this collaboration by referencing inThreat indicators in the alert produced by SIC.

A SIC operator can easily query the inThreat CTI database to improve his comprehension of a threat.

Another illustration of such collaboration is the SIC “action card”. This new feature allows one to easily do actions based on a clicked data, such as filter the current display, create a new incident or query the inThreat application to trigger an investigation process.


We updated our alert management tool to handle system and business alerts sent by our monitoring system. Besides, we took the opportunity to upgrade the entire monitoring and alerting systems to the latest upstream versions.

We improved the overall security and stability of the platform by enabling continuous delivery of security and system updates on all of our servers.

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