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The Fresh New UI

At SEKOIA.IO, we feel committed to ensuring that our users have the best experience in terms of navigation and usability. This is why we are excited to announce the new UI as the first step of our long list of user interface enhancements.

The first thing we’ve changed has to do with the overall navigation on the platform. We’ve moved the main menu which was on the right to a bigger, more intuitive and more responsive one on the left, putting all the sections of the platform in one place to give the user a direct access to every functionality of our platform. The sticky menu will automatically expand when hovering over it, but users can choose to keep it open or close it by using the new Hamburger button “Keep Open”. Even if it is reduced, a set of icons will still be visible, making it easier to navigate from one page to the other.

On top of each page, a breadcrumb has been integrated to let users know how one page is nested within other pages and to provide them with direct links to previous pages without having to bother with the back button.

Before before-alert

After after-alert

Another change has to do with the display of the different tables on the platform. As you know, at SEKOIA.IO we use many complex tables with a lot of data on them. To draw the user's eye to the data that matters most, we've decided to make these tables responsive and thus taking a wider place on the screen depending on what kind of device the user is on. We also got rid of the blue border on the left of each table which used to distract from the data in those tables, and we changed some buttons and icons to have a more consistent design all over the platform.

Before before-event

After after-event

We would like to inform our users that this upgrade will not degrade any existing functionality and does not require upgrade costs or system requirement changes.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us at