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2021-01-06: Operation Center’s Configurable Dashboard System

SEKOIA.IO’s Operation Center now brings a new dashboard mechanism, that is fully configurable and adaptable to all needs. This new feature is now enabled per default for all SEKOIA.IO customers.

Dashboards are composed of modular widgets that can be placed where you want. Widgets can be configured to specify the date range, applied filters, display, etc.

SEKOIA.IO comes with a pre-configured dashboard that gives a synthetic view of the current community activity, either from an operational security perspective (risk level, number of alerts, etc.) or from an activity perspective (list of last posted comments, last created alerts, etc.).

Default Dashboard of SEKOIA.IO’s Operation Center

All SEKOIA.IO users are able to create new dashboards that fit their specific needs. It’s also possible to clone an existing dashboard.

Provided Widgets To Monitor SEKOIA.IO’s Operation Center Activity

SEKOIA.IO’s Operation Center provides several widgets:

Widget Name Description Screenshot
Alerts List of alerts, optionally filtered by their status and sorted either by their urgency, their frequency, etc.
Number of Alerts Count the number of alerts, optionally filtered by their status and by their associated entity
Risk Level Global risk level (ARI) for the current community
Cases List of cases, optionally filtered by their status and sorted either by their urgency or they last updated date.
Number of Cases Count the number of cases, optionally filtered by their status
Number of Events by Data Source Number of events collected by source of data displayed as a list, a doughnut or an histogram.
Entities Overview List synthetic view of entities with for each one the risk level, number of alerts and the number of collected events.
Last Comments List of comments posted on items such as alerts or cases.
Top Observed Threats Show list threats (malware, tool or attack-pattern) observed in alerts.

If Intelligence Center is accessible to the current user, then, CTI wdigets will be made available: last intelligence reports, number of known threats, etc.

Edit a Dashboard