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The Hive


TheHive is a scalable, open source and free Security Incident Response Platform. This integration allows you to forward SEKOIA.IO alerts in an instance of The Hive.


First of all, you will have to retrieve your organisation name from your The Hive instance or create an organisation (see The Hive documentation to learn how to create an organisation).

Next, you will need a user apikey in this organisation with manageAlert permission (for example with the analyst profile profile.

You now have all informations to configure The Hive module and its Create Alert action in SEKOIA.IO.

To start your playbook with an example template, go to : "Create a new playbook" > "Use a template" > Search for TheHive.

You can also create your own on the same basis. A typical playbook to send alerts to a TheHive instance will use this kind of chain :

  • a trigger based on alerts (for example Alert Webhook one or Alert Created) ;
  • a first action Get Alert to query the alert details ;
  • a second action Get events to query the alert events, the query is alert_short_ids:"{{ the alert short id variable }}", from -1d to now ;
  • the hive Create alert action that will send the alert and its events to your instance of the hive