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Sophos Threat Analysis Center


The Sophos Threat Analysis Center (STAC), is a dedicated tool for research and analysis of cybersecurity threats. so it can help continuously on monitoring the cyber threat landscape and analyze new forms of malware, attack techniques, and cybercrime trends. which has also the most important part which the live Discover , with usage of queries you can have device informations from Sophos data lake.


Important note - This format is currently in beta. We highly value your feedback to improve its performance.



You can find the system requirements for each respective platform below :


It's also necessary to know that you have to install Sophos agents on the necessary machines.

Create Sophos Threat Analysis Center Credentials

In the Sophos Central Admin console:

  1. Go to Global Settings > API Credentials Management.
  2. Click Add Credential and give the credential a name and description.
  3. Choose which role you want to assign. You can choose from the following roles:
    • Service Principal Super Admin: Users with this role can perform all API operations with full CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) capabilities and have access to queries.
    • Service Principal Forensics: Users with this role can create, view, run, and delete Live Discover queries.
  4. Click Add.

This generates the credential, together with a Client ID and a Client Secret. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

Enable logs to Sophos data lake

Log on your Sophos Interface and follow this guide.

Create the intake

  1. Go to the intake page and create a new intake from the format Sophos Analysis Threat Center.
  2. Copy the associated Intake key

Pull events

  1. Go to the Playbook page.
  2. Click on + PLAYBOOK and choose Create a playbook from scratch.
  3. Give it a name and a description and click on Next.
  4. In Choose a trigger, select the Query IOC from data lake.
  5. Click on the Query IOC from data lake module on the right sidebar and in the Module Configuration section, select Create new configuration.
  6. Write a name and paste the client_id and client_secret from the Sophos console and click on Save.
  7. In the Trigger Configuration section, click on Create new configuration.
  8. Write a name, choose a frequency - Default is 60 -, paste the intake_key associated to your Sophos Threat Analysis Center intake and click on Save.
  9. On the top right corner, start the Playbook. You should see monitoring messages in the Logs section.
  10. Check on the Events page that the Sophos logs are being received.

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