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Tanium solutions manage and protect networks and endpoints.

Event Categories

The following table lists the data source offered by this integration.

Data Source Description
Binary file metadata to be defined
Disk forensics to be defined
File monitoring to be defined
Host network interface to be defined
Kernel drivers to be defined
Loaded DLLs to be defined
Named Pipes to be defined
PowerShell logs to be defined
Process command-line parameters to be defined
Process monitoring to be defined
Process use of network to be defined
Services to be defined
Windows event logs to be defined
Windows Registry registry auditing events are examined in detail
WMI Objects Windows WMI Activity events are analyzed, and events related to WMI process too


Tanium logs can be collected under the rsyslog format and then forward to Refer to the official documentation of Tanium to forward your logs under rsyslog format and consult the Rsyslog Transport documentation to forward these logs to