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Intelligence Center External Integrations: Cortex Analyzer

SEKOIA is also providing a Cortex analyzer to enrich data in TheHive ecosystem.

To setup the analyzer please follow this guide.

In a nutshell:

  • Get the SEKOIA.IO API Key
  • Install the Analyzer refering to this section of the TheHive documentation
  • Connect into Cortex with orgadmin role
  • Select your organization on the top right corner Cortex Organisation Page
  • Move to Analyser Config and search sekoia Cortex Analyser Config Page
  • Select SEKOIAIntelligenceCenter
  • Provide simple configurations Cortex Analyser Config API Page
  • Enable the Analyzer you would like to use, by clicking on the right side Cortex Analyser Enable Page
  • If wanted, tailor made your Analyzer with additional details Cortex Analyser Enable Context Page
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