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Events Page

The events page enables investigation in the latest events received by SEKOIA.IO using the log list, search bar and filters.

Log list:

The events page displays a list of latest events received by SEKOIA.IO.

The default columns are:

  • Timestamp: Event date
  • Event.dialect: Type of intake that sent the event.
  • Description: Smart description with clickable links formatted by SEKOIA.IO to show the most important elements and make them easily accessible, such as IP Address, Type or Name.

It is possible to add or remove other columns using the "Show fields" tab by:

  • Selecting the desired field in the "Available field" section using the "+" button.
  • Selecting the field to remove in "Selected fields" section using the "-" button.
  • Typing the desired field name in search bar at the top of "Selected fields".

SEKOIA.IO Event_page_Log_list

Log lines:

Each line of log can be unrolled to show:

  • Details: Detailed information retrieved from the log about event once parsed and elements related to the intake and community. These information can be used in the search bar.
  • STIX: Event as a STIX bundle that will be used by detection engines.
  • Raw event: Event as received by SEKOIA.IO.

SEKOIA.IO Event_page_Log_lines

You can search among the list of events by using Dork query langage, for which you can find more information here.


It is possible to use and combine filters in the search bar by using:

  • Smart description: By clicking on the "+" button.
  • Details: The query is made on the existing fields in the "details" section by clicking on the "+" button for one of the items.

To go back to the list of logs shown, you need to clear filters and select "Current events"

SEKOIA.IO Event_page_Filters

Save filters:

It is possible to save a query by clicking on the star icon. The period of time is not conserved with it. To check it out, you can click on "Saved queries" then select the wanted period of time and press enter to see the events found.

SEKOIA.IO Event_page_Save_Filters


It is possible to select the period of time to be taken in consideration while using a filter:

  • Presets: Recommended predefined dates.
  • Dates relatives: Earliest and latest moments to select.
  • Date ranges: Gap between 2 dates.

Click on the blue lense to start a full search job.

SEKOIA.IO Event_page_Date

Search history:

Each search result lasts 10 min by default and it is possible to configure the retention to reach 1 day (24 hours). When the result is expired, you still have the possibility of replaying it using the saved relative date or a new one.

SEKOIA.IO Event_page_Search_History

Search job have IDs that are available in the browser address bar.

You can share your researches with colleagues by sending them these jobIds, which are accessible within your community.

You can easily export the results of a search in CSV or JSON format and choose the fields you want to export. The export will be made to the default folder defined for downloads. Name of the file is optional, if not provided, the file will be named with the uuid of the job search.

SEKOIA.IO Search result export


The 'description' field will not be exported.

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