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Intelligence Listing

The Intelligence listing page offers to list, search and filter the objects contained in the intelligence database.


Filtering allows restricting the results displayed on the page depending on some selected criteria.

Two filters are available directly on the main page at the top right of the screens:

  • Types: Many types may be chosen from the dropdown list
  • Sources: An autocomplete allows us to select the source we want the objects from

SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center Filter Types

Along with the main filters, a sidebar offers even more filtering capabilities.

SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center Filter Sidebar

In this sidebar it is possible to filter by:

  • Feed: See only the objects matching a feed that was created in the "Feeds" page of the website
  • Confidence
  • Observable Types: Restrict the indicators to only the ones with a pattern containing the selected observable types
  • Is a source: Display only identities that are the sources of other objects
  • Edition/Creation dates
  • TLPs


The search bar allows performing powerful searches in the objects.

The term that has been entered will be looked at in many objects fields:

  • The name
  • The description
  • The aliases
  • The external references

The search term can be mixed with filters to restrict even more the objects displayed

SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center Search

By default, the search results are sorted by relevance, but it is possible to display them sorted by their modification date.

SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center Search filter by date

When the search contains multiple words it is sometimes useful to see the results matching exactly what has been entered. Putting the search between quotes (") will search objects containing the exact term in one of their fields.

SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center Search exact match

Customize the listing table

It is possible to adapt the listing table with two distinct features:

  • Drag and drop the columns where we want them

SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center Customize columns

  • Choose the columns to hide/display: In the filters sidebar, at the bottom, it is possible to choose the columns by checking/unchecking them in the dropdown list

SEKOIA.IO Intelligence Center Customize columns