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Custom roles

Creating a custom role

To create a custom role, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Workspace > Roles
  2. Click on the Add New Role button
  3. Provide role details:
    • Role name: Enter a name for the new role
    • Description: Write a description between 10 and 1000 characters to explain the purpose and responsibilities associated with this role
  4. Choose the specific permissions you want to assign to this role. These permissions will define what actions users with this role can perform
  5. Click Save to create the role. The new role will now appear in the roles listing.

Assigning the custom role to users

Once the custom role is created, you can assign it to existing users:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace users page in the settings menu
  2. Select the user you want to assign the role to
  3. Attribute the new custom role to the user and save your changes

Important considerations

Disabling built-in roles

When you assign a custom role to a user, any built-in roles previously assigned to that user will be disabled. Ensure that the custom role includes all necessary permissions for the user’s responsibilities.

Multiple custom roles

You can add multiple custom roles to a single user. This allows you to combine permissions from different roles to create a comprehensive permission set for the user.

By creating and managing custom roles, you can ensure that your users have the precise permissions they need to perform their tasks efficiently and securely.