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Events Query Language

This domain-specific language can be used to generate search queries that integrate advanded search operators.

Please refer to Elastic Common Schema (ECS) Reference if you need to look up a field available in


On the Events page, the following query will match all successful connections to a domain name starting by evil:

event.type:connection AND NOT action.outcome:failure AND destination.domain:evil*


A query can contain one or more terms, separated by logical operators.

Each term is composed of a field name, an operator and a literal.

e.g: id:"ALWyJiGeJSiw"

A term without a field name and an operator will search the literal value in all fields.


Type Description Example
Word Single word value
Phrase A phrase is surrounded by double quotes and matches all words in this exact order "exact phrase"
Numbers For numeric fields 17.23
Wildcards Wildcard characters can be used to match more events. Use ? to match a single character or * to replace any number of characters. evil*
Regular Expressions Regular Expressions can be used to filter for specific values. The regular expression is surrounded by forward slashes (/) /(evil|bad).*/


Term Operators

Term Operators can be used to customize the search

Operator Description Example
: The field must exactly match the literal. In case the field represents a list, this means that one item of the list must match. event.type:connection
:* The field must have a value.*
:> The numerical value must be greater than the specified number destination.bytes:>42
:>= The numerical value must be greater than or equal to the specified number destination.bytes:>=42
:< The numerical value must be less than the specified number destination.bytes:<42
:<= The numerical value must be less than or equal to the specified number destination.bytes:<=42
:[X TO Y] The numerical value must be between X and Y destination.bytes:[100 TO 200]


for IP search, :[X TO Y] is available with X and Y as IP ranges e.g. source.ip:[ TO]

Logical operators

Operator Description Example
AND Match if both terms are verified event.type:connection AND action.outcome:success
OR Match if one of the terms is verified source.ip:"" OR destination.ip:""
NOT Inverse the result of the term NOT event.type:connection


Take care, operators need to be uppercase in your query.

Grouping operators

Operator Description Example
() Groups operands event.type:connection AND (source.ip:"" OR destination.ip:"")