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Where to start


The app is accessible through the URL You’ll have to enter your email and password then hit Login.

We highly recommend using 2-factor authentication to add a layer of security to your account. You can either use an Authentication app or a security token.

In case your forgot your password, you can hit the “Forgot password link” on the login page, enter your email address and wait until we send you a confirmation link to reset your password shortly after.


You can find the necessary documentation on how to set up the required security on this page.

Basic concepts


A Workspace is the central hub of your application where all primary activities and operations occur. It serves as the main environment for managing your operational tasks, settings, and configurations. Each workspace can support multiple communities, making it flexible for both single and multi-tenant modes.


Communities are subdivisions within a workspace that allow for more granular control and management of cybersecurity operations settings. They can function independently or inherit the configurations of their parent workspace. This flexibility is particularly useful for MSSPs who manage multiple clients or for organizations with distinct departments needing separate management and controls.


Workspace: The main environment where everything happens. It includes all primary features operations, settings, and configurations.

Community: A sub-environment within a workspace. It can operate independently or inherit settings from the main workspace. It is useful for multi-tenant setups where different groups need separate configurations.

Switch workspace and communities

The platform allows you to seamlessly switch between different workspaces and communities, ensuring that you can efficiently manage your tasks and collaborations. Switching Workspaces

Switch workspace

To switch to a different workspace, follow these steps:

  • Click on the current workspace name located at the top of the menu
  • A dropdown list will appear, showing all available workspaces
  • Select the desired workspace from the list to switch to it

Switching communities

For switching communities or selecting multiple communities, use the Communities button located in the breadcrumb:

  1. Click on the Communities button in the breadcrumb navigation
  2. A selection menu will appear, displaying all available communities
  3. Check the boxes next to the communities you need to access to switch to the chosen communities


The button Communities in the breadcrumb is only available to multi-tenant workspaces.

Quick filters

On the main pages of the app, such as Alerts, Rules Catalog, Intakes, Playbooks, and Intelligence, a filter button exists to let you customize results displayed in complex tables. The Filters button enables you to refine and tailor the data according to your specific needs.

Enabling filters quickly

For quick access to the filter menu, simply press the "F" key on your keyboard. This shortcut will instantly open the filter menu, allowing you to start customizing your view without the need to navigate through additional menus.

Adding and using filters

  • Multiple Filters: You can apply multiple filters to the same table. This allows you to narrow down the results based on various criteria simultaneously. For instance, you can filter by date range, status, and assigned user all at once.

  • Multi-Selection: The filter menu supports multi-selection. This means you can select multiple values for a single filter criterion. For example, if you want to see alerts from several specific sources, you can select all relevant sources within the filter menu.

Personalized menu

The platform offers a personalized menu feature, allowing you to customize the order and visibility of pages based on your profile and daily activities.

Adding pages to favorites

To enhance your workflow, you can add the pages you use most frequently to your favorites. These pages will then be pinned at the top of the menu for easy access. Simply click the star icon next to a page name to add it to your favorites list.

Organizing menu sections

The menu is divided into multiple sections, which you can reorganize according to your preferences. To rearrange these sections:

  1. Click and hold the section header you wish to move
  2. Drag the section to your desired position within the menu
  3. Release the mouse button to drop the section in its new location

For example, if you use the Observe section more frequently, you can drag it to the top of the menu for quicker access.