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To install the FortiSOAR integration, you first have to create an API Key in XDR with the following permissions:

Name of the permission ID Description
SIC_READ_ALERTS 9ea2b8a3-593f-4bab-92f5-d0af9b563f6f List and consult SIC alerts
SIC_WRITE_ALERTS_WORKFLOW 9f3df1b1-4db7-44bd-b615-af5873ad7f8a Triggers an action on the alert workflow
SIC_READ_ALERT_STATS b1642ef8-4bc0-40b4-9ddf-7bd368659941 Get statistics about SIC alerts
SIC_WRITE_ALERTS_COMMENTS 341436f9-1c33-4cf7-bec3-a6955133ea04 Post a comment on an alert
SIC_READ_INTAKES 2f0da527-2cf1-4a00-8f4c-033bfb43ddeb Get information about a set of intakes
SIC_READ_INCIDENTS 7c0bac3f-f2ce-491b-b663-638145078516 Get incidents
SIC_READ_EVENT_STATS 74bc185a-eb82-4eac-a638-ebae41425fa0 Get statistics about SIC events
ASSETMANAGEMENT_VIEW_ASSET_CATEGORY fb8c8a83-6843-4be0-abed-7a0ab32c2b6d Allow to list categories of assets
ASSETMANAGEMENT_VIEW_ATTRIBUTE_NAME 8734c047-de38-4693-9ca4-3e9ffdccde1a Allow to list attribute names
ASSETMANAGEMENT_VIEW_ASSET 4b0f38a9-a890-4f9b-ae7a-e5025162ff33 Allow to retrieve or list assets
ASSETMANAGEMENT_VIEW_ASSET_ATTRIBUTE 9541580b-8ced-4037-a534-28666ca8fcf8 Allow to retrieve or list attributes of an asset
SIC_READ_GENERATION_MODES 25868e4c-987f-41e6-8b09-86aeb4a2a22d Get generation modes
SIC_READ_ENTITIES 0d9c0f86-fbcb-4db8-8842-f7451e4705b2 Get information about entities
SIC_READ_COUNTERMEASURES cd2fe256-8ee0-4fcf-b255-cbc237a49ab9 Get information about a set of countermeasures
ASSETMANAGEMENT_VIEW_ASSET_TYPE d53187c1-b6c4-4660-a2e7-30b598b6150e Allow to list types of assets


You can find more details on how to create an API Key in this section.

On the FortiSOAR server, make sure you have the outbound connectivity to on the port 443 (HTTPS).


To install the FortiSOAR integration, follow these steps:

  1. In your FortiSOAR instance, go to the Connector Store and search for "sekoia"

  2. Choose the XDR connector and click on the Install button

  3. Navigate to Configurations. Give a name to the configuration and paste the APIKEY as requested.

Please specify, if necessary, whether the SSL certificate of the server should be verified and the proxy through which the calls should be directed.

To learn how to use the integration, please read the following documentation which describes most commands, their inputs and their outputs.