Welcome to SEKOIA.IO

SEKOIA.IO is a Cybersecurity Platform as a Service, based on our ability to leverage threat intelligence to dynamically integrate it into an innovative approach of the cyberdefense.

A SIEM application can trigger alerts from the security events received, based on three principles:

  • CTI rules based on dedicated CTI indicator feeds generated by SEKOIA.
  • Correlation rules between events.
  • Threshold rules.

If confirmed by SOC team, the alert becomes an incident in an incident application made for CERT teams.

SEKOIA also offers Managed services for incident Detection and Response (MDR) based on the SEKOIA.IO platform.

In addition to a web interface, SEKOIA.IO provides REST/API for external apps for almost all of its features.

In order to test SEKOIA.IO, you just have to create an account and send your logs to the platform.