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Facing issues with logs collection

Please find some general information that will help you to troubleshoot your logs collection

General verification steps

Configuration verification

  1. Check that all pre-requisites are met
  2. Configuration setup need to be done with admin permissions
  3. Depending on the integration and ingestion method, a restart has to be done and delay might happen

Collect issue

Please consult our documentation for each technology used

Using a playbook connector

  1. Check the playbook logs
  2. Check your account configuration (credentials, url...)
  3. Check if the logs are generated on your technological platform

Using a log concentrator

  1. Check the logs and send it to a local file for testing
  2. Redo the installation following our documentation


When possible, we recommend using Forwarder as it is simple and quick to use

Parsing verification when in error

  1. Check the field sekoia.intake.parsing_error in the events page
  2. Compare events sent with the Event Samples of the intake documentation (expected log format)
  3. For most intakes, it is possible to test through intakes page > + new intake > <intake name> and click on See format Intake parser access

  4. Paste log and check the field sekoia.intake.parsing_error, please refer to this section to test your log

Fields to observe

fields meaning
sekoiaio.intake.parsing_status result of the parsing (success / failure)
sekoiaio.intake.parsing_error when the parsing is in failure, this field is available with information on the error that causes the failure
sekoiaio.intake.parsing_warning some fields are not parsed correctly (detail will be displayed)


Please contact Support if you have any questions or feedbacks. We will be glad to assist you.