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Configure Single Sign-on with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)

In order to configure Azure with, the following steps must be done:

  1. Verify that the user that will connect have a complete profile. To authenticate, the profile must have the following information: email address, first name, last name and full name
  2. Create a new application on Azure
  3. Connect to, add a new domain that belongs to your community and wait for its validation
  4. Configure OpenID Connect in (see associated documentation Single Sign-On With OpenID Connect)

Create a Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) app registration

  1. Visit "Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) " > "Manage" > App Registrations
  2. Use the + New registration" button to start the creation
  3. Choose:
  4. Name of the integration, for example:
  5. Who can use this application or access this API?: select the group that is allowed to use the application
  6. Redirect URI (optional) : Web: (you might need to adapt the domain if you are not working on FRA1)
  7. Click on "Register"

Configure the registration

  1. On the main page, save the "Application (client) ID" for later use
  2. On the main page, in "Endpoints", copy your "OAuth 2.0 authorization endpoint" such as<YOUR TENANT ID>/. Be sure to remove the /oauth2/v2.0/authorize suffix from the URL.
  3. Under "Certificates and secrets > Client secrets" use the "+ New client secret" button to create a secret. Save this secret for later use.

Restrict access for to specific users

Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) can be configured to prevent some users from accessing

  1. In "Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) " > "Enterprise applications": select your application
  2. In the "Application | Overview" > "Getting Started" > "1. Assign users and groups"

You are ready to input your configuration to