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Querying events

The Events page exposes a search capability to investigate and hunt on your events. The search queries must follow the events query language. Type your search query in the box above the list of events to find expected events.


The Tables below detail the main fields that can be used to narrow down your search. Events are normalized to use the Elastic Common Schema (ECS) Reference. Custom fields can also be used and are listed in the Integrations section.


name type description number Action unique identifier string Name of the action
action.outcome string Outcome status of the action

name type description
sekoiaio.entity.uuid string Unique identifier of the entity
sekoiaio.intake.uuid string Unique identifier of the intake
sekoiaio.intake.dialect string Name of the intake format
sekoiaio.intake.dialect_uuid string UUID of the intake format
sekoiaio.intake.parsing_status string The parsing status (success or failure)
sekoiaio.intake.parsing_error string The parsing error (if any)


name type description
network.protocol string L7 Network protocol name. ex. http, lumberjack, transport protocol.
network.transport string Protocol Name corresponding to the field iana_number.


name type description
destination.ip string IP address of the destination. (IPv4 or IPv6)
destination.port number Port of the destination
destination.domain string Destination domain
destination.packets number Packets sent from the destination to the source.


name type description
source.ip string IP address of the source. (IPv4 or IPv6)
source.port number Port of the source
source.domain string Source domain
source.packets number Packets sent from the source to the destination.


name type description
http.request.method string HTTP request method
http.response.status_code string HTTP response status code


name type description
url.original string Unmodified original url as seen in the event source.
url.full string Full unparsed URL.


name type description string The name being queried.
dns.question.type string The type of record being queried.
dns.response_code string The DNS response code.


name type description string Unique identifier of the user. string Short name or login of the user. string User email address.

User Agent

name type description
user_agent.original string Unparsed user_agent string.


name type description number Process Id string Process name
process.executable string Absolute path to the process executable.
process.cmdline string Full command line that started the process.
process.working_directory string he working directory of the process.
process.ppid number Parent process' pid. string Parent process' name
process.parent.executable string Parent process' executable


Get valid events, that are neither apache nor nginx logs:

sekoiaio.intake.parsing_status:"success" AND NOT(sekoiaio.intake.dialect:"apache" OR sekoiaio.intake.dialect:"nginx")