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Create a community

Types of communities

In SEKOIA.IO, there are two types of communities available to our clients:

  • One managed community with multiple entities: for clients with internal SOC/CERT teams
  • An MSSP community with multiple managed communities: for MSSP partners with SOC/CERT activities

Create a new community

For the managed community with multiple entities, our support team will handle the creation of the community and assist you to add the necessary entities.

However, for the MSSP community, the support team can create the main MSSP community and users with the right permissions can add multiple communities from the user interface.

To create a managed community in an MSSP environment:

  1. Go to Managed communities from your avatar in the upper right of the screen
  2. On the right, you’ll find a list of all managed communities within the main MSSP community. Click on the button + Community
  3. Provide a name, a description and a link to a website (optional)
  4. Save

Your newly created community now appears in the listing of your managed communities.

Add an image

Being able to recognize your managed communities can be important, especially when you enable rules, filter your events or sort alerts.

One way to go is to add a profile image to the community. To do so:

  1. Go to the managed community’s main page
  2. Click on the cercle next to the community’s name
  3. Upload an image by dragging it in the area or by uploading it from your machine
  4. Save your changes

Your managed community is now recognizable. You can also hover over the image to see your community’s name.

Edit a community

To edit a community's name and description, you need to have the right permissions.

  1. Go to the managed community’s main page
  2. Click on the Edit button next to the community’s name
  3. From there, you can change the name, the description, the website and the image of the community.
  4. Save your changes