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Security tokens

WebAuthn standard (Web Authentication) is supported in as we value high security standards. Users can use multiple tools to access their account in the fastest and most secure way possible. These security tokens can be used as a second factor of authentication instead of a verification code.

Depending on your web browser, you can use different types of security tokens to connect to the platform. These tokens can be physical (a USB security key) or embedded in your machine (fingerprint authentication). The platform supports FIDO2-compliant authenticators including security keys, Touch ID, Face ID and Windows Hello.

Add a security token

To add a security token and enhance the overall security of your account, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the User Center > Account settings
  2. In the Security section, click on Add
  3. Enter your actual password
  4. Follow instructions in your browser to enroll your security token
  5. Save your settings


Please note that Mozilla Firefox does not support fingerprint authentication.

Remove a security token

To remove or change a security token, simply go to your Profile > Security section, and click on Disable next to the Security Token section. Enter your password and save your changes.