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Navigation on the Platform


The app is accessible through the URL You’ll have to enter your email and password then hit Login.

We highly recommend using 2-factor authentication to add a layer of security to your account. You can either use an Authentication app or a security token.

In case your forgot your password, you can hit the “Forgot password link” on the login page, enter your email address and wait until we send you a confirmation link to reset your password shortly after.


You can find the necessary documentation on how to set up the required security on this page.

User Interface

Once you are logged in to and no matter which product you are subscribed to, you will have access to UI elements that were carefully designed to make your user experience more fluid on the platform.

In this section, you’ll learn how to navigate the platform with ease.

App toolbar

The app toolbar is made of multiple components:

  • The logo that redirects you to the main page (dashboards) when you click on it
  • Your current community’s name with the possibility to have a look into your other communities
  • An info button that lets you have an easy access to the roadmap, product documentation, changelog and feedbacks
  • A notification bell from where you can access the latest notifications you’ve received
  • Your avatar that lets you have access to the contextual menu that is detailed in the next section

Contextual menu

The contextual menu, accessible by clicking on your avatar in the top right of the screen, gives you access to:

  • Your account settings
  • Your notifications manager
  • Your managed communities
  • A way to log out of the app

Community switch

In the app toolbar, you can easily access your current community as well as other communities you’re part of.

By clicking on the dropdown, you can:

  • List your managed communities
  • Search for a community using the search bar
  • Switch communities by clicking on the wanted community
  • Access a community’s settings by clicking on the icon next to the name of the community

Community switch for MSSP

If you are an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider), you probably have multiple communities to manage. In addition to searching for a specific community, you can also:

  • List all of your communities
  • Select more than one community
  • See how many communities are selected thanks to the badge next to your community’s name
  • Access your main community by clicking on “Community Switch”
  • Go back to your list of communities by clicking on “My Communities”

The main menu is located on the left of the app. From there, and depending on your permissions, you can:

  • Access all the various pages of the app
  • Switch between apps (Intelligence Center and Operations Center) by clicking on the name of the app
  • Open or collapse the menu by clicking on the toggle at the bottom of the menu


You might see different entries in the left menu because of your permissions. Some pages are not available to all users.