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Salesforce provides users comprehensive tools to manage customer data, automate processes, analyze data and insights, and create personalized customer experiences. Salesforce also offers a variety of solutions for customer service, marketing automation, commerce, app development, and more


Name Type Description
org_type string Organization type. Might be one of the following: 'production', 'sandbox', 'trial', 'developer'. Default is 'production'
client_id string Client id to interact with salesforce API
client_secret string Client secret to interact with salesforce API
rate_limit string Rate limit for requests to salesforce. Value should have next format {max_rate}/{time_period}. For example: 3/60. Sekoia will use default rate limits if value is empty or invalid. More information you can find in docs:
base_url string Url of salesforce instance. Consists of


[BETA] Collect Salesforce events

Trigger playbook to get Salesforce information


Name Type Description
intake_server string Server of the intake server (e.g. '')
intake_key string Intake key to use when sending events
chunk_size integer The max size of chunks for the batch processing
frequency integer Batch frequency in seconds


Module Salesforce v1.5.2