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This module interacts with the SentinelOne DeepVisibility using AWS S3


Name Type Description
aws_access_key string The identifier of the access key
aws_secret_access_key string The secret associated to the access key
aws_region_name string The area hosting the AWS resources


Consume SentinelOne DeepVisibility events from AWS S3

Consume SentinelOne DeepVisibility events from S3 objects based on notifications


Name Type Description
frequency integer Batch frequency in seconds
queue_name string The name of the SQS queue that received the notifications of the creation of S3 objects
chunk_size integer The size of chunks for the batch processing
intake_server string Server of the intake server (e.g. '')
intake_key string Intake key to use when sending events


Module SentinelOneDeepVisibility v1.0.2