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External Integrations: Cortex Analyzer is providing a Cortex analyzer to enrich data in TheHive ecosystem.


Collect CTI feed in an existing Cortex instance self-managed, for any operational purpose such as CTI aggregation, dissemination, hunting...


  • An operational Cortex instance with administrator privileges
  • An active licence with access to the CTI
  • An access to User Center with the permissions to create an API key with CTI permissions


Sekoia Intelligence feed will be available upon Cortex setup

1. Connect to Cortex

1- In a Web browser, type the following http://server_ip:cortex_port

2- Enter your login and password of your Cortex instance setup beforehand with orgadmin role

2. Configuration

1- Setup the Analyzer configuration

1- Select your Organization on the top right corner Orga_setup_1

2- Go to Analyzers Config tab and Search SekoiaIntelligenceCenter Orga_setup_2

3- Edit and Add your Sekoia API key and Base url Orga_setup_3

2- Setup the Analyzer

1- Go to Analyzers tab and Search SekoiaIntelligenceCenter Analyzer_ config_1

2- Edit and Add your Sekoia API key and Base url Analyzer_ config_2

3- Check Sekoia intelligence

1- Go to job page

2- Select SekoiaIntelligenceCenter in Analyzers job_1

3- Click on view to see details of the job job_2

3. Troubleshoot

1- Go to Analyzers tab > Run an analyzer

2- Check the jobs in Jobs History tab

4. Other resources

  • The Cortex official documentation