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TEHTRIS is a cybersecurity company offering products designed to protect endpoints against knwon and unknown threats


Name Type Description
apikey string The APIkey to authenticate call to the API
tenant_id string The identifier of your tenant (most of the time, your tenant id is a trigram in the url of your TETHRIS instance; eg: https://{tenant_id}
alternative_url string The alternative url to contact the TEHTRIS instance


Fetch new events from TEHTRIS

Get last events from the TEHTRIS XDR platform


Name Type Description
frequency integer Batch frequency in seconds
chunk_size integer The size of chunks for the batch processing
intake_server string Server of the intake server (e.g. '')
intake_key string Intake key to use when sending events
filter_id ['integer', 'string'] The Filter ID used to retrieve events


Module TEHTRIS v1.13.1